Frequently Asked Questions

The Skills Center is for anyone who has a disability. We serve people from St. Charles County and surrounding counties.

Yes, the Skills Center can accommodate students in high school. Some agencies have funding restrictions for students, but we are currently working with school districts for placement and tuition coverage for fourth or fifth year seniors. Attending a High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) program is not considered being enrolled in high school.

Employers may require that a student has completed high school or an equivalency prior to employment, but they do not need a diploma or HiSET to begin training.

Most manufacturers require a person to be 18 years old in order to work full time. There is no maximum age as long as the person wants to work.

We do not have entrance exams, but we do require students to complete a brief trial for each vocational program. The Manufacturing and Hospitality Housekeeping trials take 30 minutes or less to complete on average. If students are unable to successfully complete the trial, they will be provided with resources to improve their performance and return for additional trials in the future.

In order to start the Information Technology program, students must have basic computer skills. This includes utilizing a mouse, using web browsers, creating files, and navigating within the Windows operating system. If students do not have basic computer skills, we encourage them to develop these skills through non-credit classes at area community colleges.

Students are not required to possess prior knowledge in order to start any other programs. However, students must be able to follow directions. They should also understand that stamina and physical tasks will be required by the employer. 

The tuition cost to participate in the Skills Center is $8,000 per program. Full tuition funding is available.

No. The current arrangement is for funding agencies or individuals to be billed on a monthly basis at the end of the month for the student’s participation.

Funding comes from a variety of sources, including DDRB, Community Opportunities, Workforce Development, DMH, SkillUp, and scholarship dollars. We are in the process of obtaining funding from additional sources. Please call 636-875-5251 for the latest information on funding options.

Individuals will only be billed for the weeks they attended training. Individuals must notify the Skills Center in writing if they intend on dropping the class.

Most programs are eight weeks.

Students participate in daily three-hour classes Monday through Friday. Class times are 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The duration of the class will vary upon the individualized needs of the student to learn the necessary soft and hard skills in order to be successful in the chosen employment area.

While no one can guarantee a job, we do our best to see that our students are prepared for competitive employment. This includes maintaining processes and partnerships that increase the likelihood of job offers for our students.

Students are expected to attend class every day. The attendance policy is dependent on the length of the program in which the student is enrolled. Absences should be reported to the instructor.

Students are expected to wear business casual dress or clothing and shoes appropriate to the program partner’s policy. All dress code requirements will be communicated to students before their first day of class.

Yes, each student participates in soft skills development for one hour each school day. Students learn and practice a variety of desirable soft skills, including communication, problem solving, dress and appearance, teamwork, and workplace expectations. All material is presented and practiced through the lens of professional work. Students participate in class discussions, partner work, independent work, role play scenarios, and mock interviews.

The Skills Center has an open admissions schedule with multiple program start dates throughout the year. There is currently no application deadline.

No, we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Our main office is located at 2050 Trade Center Drive. This is in the I-70 Trade Park on the south side of Interstate 70 off Veteran’s Memorial Parkway in St. Peters.

Yes, all programs offered at the Skills Center are accredited by CARF International, which assured our commitment to program and service quality with a focus on the satisfaction and success of those we serve.